New environments for managing projects PcVue 10.0

Ease of Implementation & Reduced Development Times
The new tools of PcVue 10.0, Application Architect and Application Explorer, apply to all users from applications developer to infrequent user. They enable you to minimize development effort throughout the life of the application, from design to testing and from maintenance to re-engineering.

AAApplication Architect
AEApplication Explorer
SGSmart Generators

Facilitating implementation throughout the application’s life cycleimg1

From now on the total cost of ownership of a supervisory applica-tion depends not only on license costs and development time.
As applications evolve and new functionalities are added, the maintenance costs for development and corrections have to be taken in account.
PcVue 10.0 innovates in this regard by providing effective tools for designing applications quickly. It also includes the tools needed for efficient maintenance of your applications—diagnosis, object-oriented modification and software distribution–while making both the supervisory application’s specification and its run-time behav-ior robust.