Smart Generators

Capitalize on your configuration Methods with PcVue 10.0’s Smart Generators
SGThe Smart Generators enable you to generate an application automatically and to import from external sources. These are improved again with PcVue 10.0 by adding import functionalities for LNS®, Siemens STEP7®, Yokogawa® Stardom® and almost entire Factorylink™ projects


Smart Generator for Yokogawa STARDOM®
The new Smart Generator for Yokogawa® STARDOM FCN and FCJ devices.

Smart Generator for LNS®
Lets you browse the LNS database and select the variables to be imported. It also synchronizes changes between the LNS® database and PcVue automatically.
In this way, the Smart Generator helps to reduce the risk of errors and to capitalize on your configuration methods.

Smart Generator for Siemens STEP 7®
Enables you to automate the configuration of PcVue’s communication objects and variables derived from the STEP 7® project.
You can also automatically synchronize changes in the STEP 7® project’s database with PcVue.