New communication drivers

Energy & Building
The essential protocols available with PcVue 10.0

Energy management with IEC 61850 & IEC 60870-5-104
PcVue 10.0 is based on the international standards established by the energy sector.
These standards offer high-level functionality (data types, complex exchange mechanisms) and are adopted by most of the main players in the energy sector.

IEC 61850: Native to PcVue 10.0, this standard defines the whole range of objects needed to manage a substation, using their various attributes. The engineering rules are also defined. In particular, the file formats are standardized to ensure interoperability in terms of configuration (configuration data exchange). The use of a native protocol lets you benefit from all of the information from facilities that adhere to this standard.

IEC 60870-5-104: This protocol is used in the contexts of hydroelectric facilities, electrical substations, building management systems, industrial sites, railways etc. It integrates data and complex services for double commands, encoding for the position of a cut-out switch, short & long pulses and time stamping at source.

Building Management (BMS) with BACnet®
Version 10.0 of PcVue includes new functionalities for BACnet®:
Support of BACnet® Broadcast Management Devices (BBMD): Gateways for connecting with facilities on sub-networks
Support of Foreign Data Tables (FDT): Address tables to support routing (with interpretation of the BACnet® content) Offline browsing of EDE formatted files for specifying a configuration of BACnet® facilities.

New Ethernet Drivers
MOXA: A protocol for communication with MOXA facilities, based on the Modbus/TCP driver
General Electric GE Series 90: A new client driver SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol) using Ethernet. It supports communication with GE Series 90 PLCs