Optimization & Improvements

Historical Data Server
New architecture
Version 10.0 of PcVue lets you set up HDS Server architectures with a
single active server.

Multiple redundant HDS servers can perform archiving to a single variables tree, in single writer / multiple readers mode
A single SQL server is required, which keeps down the costs of installation and maintenance

Optimized performance and new functionalities

To optimize access to information and to facilitate running of the application, WebVue offers filtering of data according to login

►Support of populations in WebVue
►Improvement of WebVue performance through better cache management
►Auto-adaptation of WebVue mimics to the screen resolution of the remote station

Pushing back the limits of configuration

►PcVue 10.0 lets you take the configuration process farther
►The structure of the real-time variables tree has up to 12 branches
►Up to 255 characters for the name of a variable
►Up to 100 characters for each attribute
►Compatibility with the projects from previous versions of PcVue

To ensure the longevity of systems through strict processes for compatibility


From the first versions of PcVue in a Windows environment to date, ARC Informatique has continually ensured:

►Retention of product functionalities
►Compatibility of newly developed projects with previous versions

While using the version PcVue 10.0, you preserve all of your previous investments while benefiting from the latest functionalities and technologies.

Installation & Follow-up of a version
PcVue 10.0 detects whether the project was developed with a previous version of PcVue. On startup, it displays a message to confirm this.

►The dialog box for project selection gives more information, especially the version of the project’s format, the most recent revision date and the total size of the project folder.
►The installation package has been completely redesigned.It is now based on Microsoft® Windows Installer technology. It supports an updating mode for minor updates without de-installation.