Communication – yet more protocols!

BACnet® :
A major standard for BMS

bacnetCentralized building management covers a diverse range of facilities and services that have historically been managed by separate systems. Now these can all be handled by a single PcVue supervisory system. Such a supervisory system may cover HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), climate control (lighting, blinds and local regulation), security, energy management and sometimes even the fire detection system. We have included the new BACnet® interface in PcVue 9.0 to enable this whole range of capabilities to be covered by a single product. The BACnet® client interface provides access to real-time data from your BACnet® equipment across BACnet/IP and MS/TP networks. Statuses and diagnostic information are likewise available for BACnet® communication objects, as are direct means of starting and stopping data exchanges. These tools also assist you during the stages of testing and validation.

Sofrel® :
Applying the latest technologies from a tele-control leadersofrel

PcVue 9.0 now includes communication with Sofrel devices via the new Sofrel OPC Server.
The entire equipment range (S500, LS, Box and S50) is supported for all communication media.

Panasonic FP® :
Native connection to the Ethernet range

The communication protocol for serial port connection to PLCs in the FP range was already available, so it was natural to include support of TCP/IP (MEWTOCOL-COM TCP - Panasonic FP-ET1 from Matsushita) in PcVue 9.0.

Kepware OPC Server® :
PcVue has become « Connected with Kepware »kepware

The Kepware OPC server bundle is included on PcVue 9.0’s distribution media. Kepware is a world leader for industrial communication and has worked with our R&D department to incorporate the KEPServer software with PcVue. So now over 100 new protocols are available in PcVue via the OPC KEPServer. Two options are available. A ‘Standard’ bundle which includes the most common protocols for industrial PLCs (such as Allen-Bradley, Beckhoff, Cutler-Hammer, GE Fanuc, Yokogawa etc.) and the ‘Premium’ bundle which is for particular markets (building management, energy distribution, IT & Infrastructure, petroleum and gas).