Sharing and enhancing your data

OPC Client/Server® :
Authenticated by OPC Foundation, a guarantee of reliability!

opcIn a drive to provide optimized and highly tested software, the OPC interfaces for Client DA, Server DA and Client DA XML have been improved. ARC Informatique is a member of the OPC Foundation and our products successfully passed the 90 tests of interoperability at the most recent IOP 2009 show in Nuremberg 2009 (

PcVue 9.0 also includes several enhancements to its OPC capability. For example the OPC-Security specification has been implemented, as well as other means of restricting unauthorized access by third parties via the OPC Server, thus reducing PcVue’s ‘attack surface’.
The OPC Server can be disabled, barring all connections of OPC Clients. It can also be configured to require the use of OPC-Security authentication interfaces for OPC Clients to connect.

New properties are available on the items presented to the OPC Client. In addition to the minimum and maximum values, and the command level, the following properties are available: binary extended attributes and texts, domain, nature, minimum and maximum values for commands, threshold values and simulation flag.

opc2The extended attributes, the threshold values and the simulation flag can be read and written by the OPC Client while the other properties are read-only. In addition to these developments, you can now set up rules to limit the visibility of data in the PcVue workspace.

Access rights can be checked for read and write commands. As the OPC Client supports the OPC interfaces for user identification, all connections, disconnections and send commands can be recorded as user actions, along with the name of the OPC Client and the current user.

WebVue :
Remote access via the Internet

From the early beginnings in PcVue V7, the web client, WebVue, has been improving access via the Internet to the point where it now rivals that of a local PcVue station.
PcVue 9.0 includes new features for the Log and Alarm Viewers: context windows, data sorting and the execution of user-developed scripts.

PcVue Client FTP :
Easily transfer files!

PcVue 9.0 is able, via SCADA Basic scripting, to upload and download files from a FTP server. FTP support in the version 9.0 includes management of server access using passwords and an FTP status variable.


Historical Data Server SQL Server 2008 :
Gather data from various sources

As well as making Microsoft SQL Server 2008 available to handle historical data in database format, PcVue 9.0 offers a new tool called DBImport which enables you to import data for the HDS tables from CSV formatted files. The recording of third party data in PcVue’s relational database assists the centralization and exploitation of data. The Reporting Services tool included with SQL Server 2008 allows you to organize the data and to publish it in a wide range of formats: PDF, XLS, HTML etc.