New features and improvements at the heart of the product…

Graphical interface:
3D, Trends, Logs, Alarms… continuing improvements

interfaceTo simplify the creation of 3D mimics and respond to the increasing demand for automated generation, 3D mimics, templates and symbols can be now be saved in text format. This allows generation by third-party tools, thus reducing the development times and risks of error. interface2

With PcVue 9.0 it becomes even simpler to filter, sort and analyze the data in the Alarm and Log Viewers with the addition of column based sorting. The sorting functions are also entirely scriptable to satisfy the users’ specific requirements.
A new capability has also been added to allow the execution a script when a user clicks in an Alarm or Log Viewer, so as to enable customized processing of selected alarms or events.

interface3To locate an event in a particular time slot, the Log Viewer now has enhanced sate and time filtering, with start and end times or start time and direction.
In the Trend Viewers you can now display time values in the format dd:hh:mm:ss in the legend and scales, thus simplifying the analysis.
Supervisory applications are becoming ever larger while the quantities of information for operators to process can quickly rise in importance. To assist with this problem, the alarm level system has been enhanced in the version 9.0 with the option of different levels (within the same alarm) for acknowledgment, masking and maintenance commands.

Real-time data: 
Improves management of maintenance

Real-time data can now be configured as persistent while the application is undergoing maintenance or as PcVue is stopped and restarted. This also facilitates the management of intermittent modes of communication that do not permit the permanent updating of field data. The persistence option has also been extended to include a variable’s extended attributes and status flags.

Dream Report® version 3.41 and WebScheduler 1.1

Dream Report® version 3.41 is now included in the PcVue Solutions range. Dream Report® is a powerful tool for the design, generation and publication of reports. A native interface is available that lets you retrieve PcVue’s real-time and historical data to augment DreamReport®’s report generation.


Also available in PcVue 9.0 is the latest version of the WebScheduler.  It enables you to run scheduled tasks and to configure them locally and via the Internet.

Product translation & package:
New language and a new I/O package

To options on the price list have been increased adding a 65,000 variable size. (Between the 5,000 and unlimited package.) Note that only variables from field devices are counted toward the total - the number of internal variables remains unlimited as it always has been with all sizes of PcVue.
Extending our commitment to the international market, PcVue is now available in Latvian (Lettish) in addition to English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.

Upward compatibility

It’s now nearly 15 years since the first version of PcVue for MS Windows. During this time we have rigorously applied the practice that all new features are compatible with, and available to, applications generated with earlier versions of the product without requiring redevelopment

PcVue 9.0 abides by that rule and remains 100% compatible with the previous version.


…while safeguarding our partners’ investments!!