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Our mission is to design, produce and implement electrical wiring systems in the power distribution and industrial process control areas. By using our continuous improvement process we aim to satisfy our customers by firstly identifying their needs and with our innovative solutions secondly meeting these requirements.
To achieve these projects, SOREEL offers all the required skills at every step :
- Design studies (electro-technical, automation),
- Electrical equipment manufacturing,
- Testing on our own testing platforms,
- Acceptance at the factory,
- Implementation on the customer's site,
- Assistance in increasing the work rate,
- Training the operators and maintenance,
- Customer services.
SOREEL works in the following sectors :
- Production of high power panels (up to 12 000 A) with standard or special sheet metal work and control panels,
- Automated industrial process and special machines,
- Manufacture of assemblies and sub-assemblies in small or medium runs,
- Global services for major industrial customers (OEM).

Transportation, OEM, Gensets, Industry, Infrastructure and Energy

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