Lake Como Waterworks – ITALY

Lake Como Waterworks – ITALY

Industrial Aqueduct of Lake Como

Lake Como, located in northern Italy, is served by nearly 60 KM (40 miles) of aqueducts. The aqueduct draws its water directly from the lake into storage tanks. The water flows from the storage tanks via aqueducts serving businesses around the lake. The waterworks reliability is paramount, as water disruption leads to lost production for manufacturers of Como. After 30 years of service, the SCADA system was in need of modernization.
Energy costs in the region have risen significantly during the last 30 years. The geography of the lake, set in mountainous terrain, is particularly challenging to water management.
The modernization of the SCADA created the opportunity to not only take advantage of technology advances, but also to review concepts of water management and to introduce the concept of energy profile management.

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