PcVue SCADA features


Key Features

  • Built-in SQL server archiving
  • Highly optimized data recording for maximum performance
  • Redundant SQL Server databases and replication management



  • Analysis of process trends
  • Get all the performance of a DBMS
  • Improve traceability to meet competitive and regulatory requirements


Recording a history of process data is essential to many SCADA applications for many reasons: fault diagnosis, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, analysis of process trends, fiscal demands etc. For that reason, it is a standard feature of PcVue with no additional components required or extra costs involved.

PcVue uses a data archiving engine to record values (events, trends) using various mechanisms and formats:

  • Data are recorded in a proprietary manner to a text file                                              
  • Data are recorded to a DBMS such as SQLServer using a built-in component (Historical Data Server).
  • Data are recorded to a DBMS using an ODBC connector                                                                 
  • Data are recorded in a specific format allowing to replay the recorded data through mimics

You choose the one (or both!) best suited to your application during configuration.

In addition, PcVue  has multi-stations and redundancy built-in mechanisms for archives.

SQL Server Archiving

sqlFocus on SQL Server archiving using Historical Data Server (HDS)- Gather data from various sources – Get all the performance of a DBMS with a built-in connection in PcVue!

Many systems require to record data in a DBMS to centralize data used by several third-party software.
The HDS records in an industry standard database. The database can be located anywhere to which the PC hosting PcVue has permanent access. Connection to the database utilizes Microsoft’s ADO technology. Qualified databases include SQL Server and Access. Microsoft's freely distributable SQL Express is delivered with PcVue. The recording capacity is limited only by the selected database and the performance of the host PC.
As well as making Microsoft SQL Server available to handle historical data in database format, PcVue offers a tool called DBImport which enables you to import data for the HDS tables from CSV formatted files. The recording of third party data in PcVue’s relational database assists the centralization and exploitation of data. The Reporting Services tool included with SQL Server allows you to organize the data and to publish it in a wide range of formats: PDF, XLSX, HTML etc.


HDS Facts

  • Records in an industry standard database
  • Easy access to data by 3rd party applications
  • Qualified with Access and SQL server
  • Capacity limited only by selected database
  • Includes a scheduler to run database maintenance tasks
  • Several system variables provide information about the status of each database