PcVue SCADA features

Events log and Sequence Of Events

PcVue features Sequence of Events Recorder logs including events such as alarms status, user actions, value change.

In the data archiving engine one or more loglists which set filters of events to be recorded are defined. These events are recorded in an archive unit (proprietary files, or DBMS) and can be displayed using a logviewer. The record of an event can be done with time stamps of 1 ms resolution.

Any variable (BIT or Alarm) must be configured to be eligible for recording through LogList filters. All user actions are eligible for logging without requiring any configuration.


Log Viewer

A Log Viewer displays data that has been recorded through a particular Log List. The Log List is attached to the Log Viewer when the Log Viewer is configured. The types of data which may be displayed are as follows :

  • Alarm changes of state
    • On and not acknowledged
    • On and acknowledged
    • Off and not acknowledged
    • Off
    • Unavailable
  • Bit changes of state
    • Change to zero
    • Change to one
    • Change to invalid
  • Operator actions
    • Commands
    • Logon and Logoff
    • Alarm acknowledgement
    • Alarm masking
    • Program start
Summary of the event logviewer features
  • Log Viewers can be embedded in any mimic
  • Unlimited number of Log Viewers in each project
  • The size of Log Viewer is configurable from 1 line to the maximum allowed by the screen resolution
  • Data can be filtered by Domain and Nature and/or by time filter to search for records from a particular time (from date and time and a search direction, or a from and to date and time)
  • Optional toolbar and scrollbar
  • The format of the log lines in the display list is 100% configurable
  • Comment Modification - the User is allowed to add a comment of up to 40 characters to each log entry
  • Sort modification - the User can change the sort column and direction
  • Can be configured so that the newest logs appear at the bottom, or at the top, of the list
  • Can be accessed by SCADA BASIC and VBA to customize features
  • Can have a context mimic

log viewerThe logviewer is extremely flexible both in its appearance and operation and has a large number of configurable properties.