PcVue SCADA features

Graphical Interface - HMI

Key Features

  • Business oriented symbol libraries - More than 7200 images and 1500 symbols
  • State-of-the-art animated 3D objects
  • A  comprehensive  range of more than 60 built-in animations
  • On-line without the need to compile or restart



  • Design and display full motion graphics of your processes
  • Reduce configuration and maintenance time thanks to object oriented approach
  • Runtime modification for high availability applications


PcVue has a powerful Graphical User Interface which provides everything you need to design and display comprehensive animated graphics of your process. PcVue applications are developed as one or more interactive windows linked together to provide menus, process mimics, status pages etc. Each window can contain ActiveX® Controls, .NET controls, images and built-in PcVue drawing elements.
The user-friendly interface as well as the powerful graphics tools makes the design of screens fast and easy.

Integrated development and run-time environments allow changes to be made on-line without the need to compile or restart.
The same mimic can even be opened in design mode and in run time mode at the same time allowing to the modification done in real-time.

graphical interface 2

Design & animations


The drawing property manager enables you to define sets of properties that will be applied when creating or modifying objects and the graphic explorer shows any objects in a mimic at a glance allowing easy access and modifications of objects properties and animations.

graphical interface 1

PcVue has its own built-in window editor using the latest vector drawing technology for maximum productivity. The comprehensive animation range (more than 60) includes color change, variable filling, visibility, text display, exchange, movement, rotation and sizing. Images including animated WMF, EMF, GIF (static, animated), BMP, JPEG, PNG files and AVIs may be imported and animated as well as 2D and 3D DirectX objects from CAD software.
It’s important to note that 3D graphics can be animated in PcVue (they are not static 3D).

graphical interface 3

Thanks to the Object Oriented technology re-usable graphic objects are easily created without the need for special tools. Modification of any object is propagated automatically wherever it is used. User configurable libraries allow you to organize and distribute objects specific to your industry sector.