Alert - On-Call Management


As a part of the PcVue Solutions suite, Alert™ easily connects with PcVue through a dedicated interface (Mediator) as well as with other industrial SCADA systems, using DDE or the OPC protocol. Alert

Alert™ issues information through various media:

• Telephone (landline or mobile): operators are called by telephone, listen to alarms and acknowledge them through the integrated voice server.
• Short messages (SMS) to alert operators working offsite via mobile phone or pager.
• Dedicated paging systems to quickly alert maintenance operators working on site.
• Fax, teleprinter and email to receive written reports of the alarms detected and their contexts.
• Internet browser or WAP-enabled mobile phone.

The calls are also logged by Alert™, together with the operators’ acknowledgements of them. Each acknowledgement of an alarm is automatically forwarded to PcVue.