High Availability Architectures

In industrial facilities, security systems aim reduce the risk of occurrence of dangerous hardware failures.
The use of security features allows the operator to meet the requested service while ensuring protective equipment, persons, the environment and property.
The security systems cover various fields such petrochemical processes, machine tools, presses, circular saws, but also automotive brake systems, elevators, etc .Sometimes used as a means of prevention, these systems include a growing proportion of systems electric, electronic or programmable electronic.
These components are usually complex and in practice, this makes the determination of each failure mode difficult (by examining of all possible behaviors and prediction of performance) in terms of safety.

PcVue offers an extendable and flexible control system of high performance with a modular system architecture that consists of largely standardized component.
High system availability, reliability, maintainability and safety is achieved by several features such as :

Thus, implementing rules, methods and capabilities, enable a SIL (Safety Integrity Level, defined by the standard CEI 61508) certification on an installation based on PcVue.



  • Very high level of security and system/data availability
  • Secure Client-Server setup with dual networks


For improved overall availability of the installation, the inter-station network (LAN and/or WAN) can be duplicated, as can the field network. There are then two independent paths between any client station and the data sources.  Each PcVue client station maintains two connections with each server station and will attempt to switch between servers only when both of these connections are inoperable.  
On an Industrial Ethernet network, PcVue can manage both communication media redundancy and device-level redundancy.
Each station can archive the data to improve the historical data availability.

 secure client server