PcVue SCADA features


Key Features

  • Built-in controls for both y=f(x) and y=f(t) trends
  • Highly customizable interface
  • Simple wizard to export data to xlsx or CSV files
  • One viewer for both real-time and historical trends
  • Reference series for comparison with real-time values



  • Facilitate the real time and historical data analysis
  • Reduce configuration time
  • Quickly identify unexpected behavior


Controlling your process require constant access to information displayed by using trend. The PcVue trend viewers gives you the flexibility to analyze your process in the right way.


Chart control

Advanced trend viewer for historical data

  • Built-in control that can be embedded in any mimic
  • Plots data series : values variables (Y-Axis) against one other (X-Axis)
  • Up to 8 series each representing a register or a bit
  • Draw types : lines, columns, cylinders, points,…
  • Graphical features : Legend, zoom, cursor, tooltip ,print, popup on right-click,…
  • Reference series (lines, or ranges) for comparison (business oriented series)

chart control1

chart control2