PcVue SCADA features

Users rights

Key Features

  • Single-Sign On Support for  simpler management user rights
  • Support  of Integrated Microsoft Windows® authentication: Active Directory



  • Full compliance with  FDA 21CFR11


The features of a SCADA are permanently depending of user right of the operator who is logged in. An operator will log in to the application by typing his user name and password, specific user rights will then be associated to the user. Unlimited users can be configured but only one user at a time on a same station can be connected.

Access rights give operational rights (like access to certain mimics or control rights on a mimic) but also system rights for the PC itself or access to configuration tool of the supervisor software.
Depending on the station where the user is connected his rights can be different and creation of zone can be configured.

In order to ease the configuration and maintenance of user rights, user profile are used, when a new user is created a user profile is associated to this new user. A profile is like a group of user having similar rights.

For security reasons the supervisor software are:

  • Auto disconnect a user logged in after a customizable time of inactivity.
  • Allow to configure a validity period for the passwords.
  • Password strength control
  • 30 levels of hierarchical profiles
  • Facility for locking access to particular mimics, command variables, log variables, acknowledgements and alarm masking of access to various levels of model etc.
  • Configuring different access profiles for a user according to the station logged onto, in a multi-station architecture
  • Ability to require password change on first login

SSO technology (Single-Sign On) is also supported by PcVue. This technology ease the user rights management and user authentication when Windows domain control and Active Directory are enabled.

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