Visit PcVue Solutions’ booth #1246 to learn firsthand how advances in contextual mobility on mobile devices are substantially enhancing operational performance and profitability using GPS, NFC Tags, Beacons, QR codes and other Indoor Positioning System technologies

San Antonio, TX and Woburn, MA – January 9, 2018– PcVue, Inc., the North American affiliate of ARC Informatique and HMI/SCADA software automation solution provider, will showcase its newly patented Contextual Mobility Solution at DistribuTECH 2018 in San Antonio, January 23-25, 2018.

The approach leverages the massive adoption of smart mobile devices by field engineers and operators and potentially reduces major operations and maintenance expenses. Contextual mobility increases the efficiency of a new class of mobile workers.  It also eliminates human error due to lack of situational awareness. Information overload is an emerging problem due to the exponential growth in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensor data and increasingly connected systems.  

Automated systems in the plant and facilities generate large amounts of information that must be intelligently presented, given the much smaller mobile device screen size when compared to those in control rooms. Operations and Maintenance workers need automated ways to display information in the context of their role and physical location.  HMI/SCADA users want to avoid navigating multiple screens designed for control rooms and instead be able to monitor, diagnose, maintain and control industrial and building assets from using a simplified approach from their mobile device. 

The patented systems and methods are now incorporated in PcVue Solutions.  Via a mobile device, location information of a user, in or near a facility, is detected using a position sensor. The location information is communicated wirelessly from the user’s mobile device to a server. One or more actions are determined as being available to the user based on the location information and user role. Instructions are communicated to have the mobile device display selected available actions in a user interface. This enables the user to receive messages and interact with equipment or facility resources located in proximity to the user. It simplifies the navigational process on a user’s mobile device. 

PcVue’s Chief Operating Officer, Edward Nugent states, “Mobile workers are now able to automatically get relevant information on their mobile devices that is pertinent to their location, the assets under their charge and their operational role without the need to navigate cumbersome menus. This disruptive innovation allows for dramatically improved performance and increased operational efficiency and safety.”