The FUSE IT project for Smart and Critical Building, awarded with ITEA Prize of Excellence

The cooperative project FUSE IT was developed between 2014 and 2017 by ARC Informatique as well as 18 international companies (Belgian, French, Portuguese and Turkish) as part of the ITEA R & D pr...
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ARC Informatique obtient un brevet pour sa Mobilité Contextuelle

L’éditeur de logiciel IHM/SCADA, ARC Informatique, leader Européen dans le secteur des solutions d’Interface Homme Machine (HMI/SCADA) obtient un brevet dans le cadre de sa nouvelle offre de mobilité ...
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ARC Informatique is Awarded Patent for its Innovation in Contextual Mobility

Leading SCADA/HMI provider ARC Informatique has been granted a patent for its innovation in Contextual Mobility.  The company designed the patented systems and methods for location-based control of eq...
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PcVue Solutions Wins Innovation Award for its HMI/SCADA Software

PcVue, Inc., the North American affiliate of ARC Informatique, announces that PcVue Solutions have recently been acknowledged with a new innovation award. The High Tech Views 2016 Kinetic Process Inno...
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ARC Group awarded Most Innovative company of 2016 by Mesures Magazine

ARC Group, the global provider in HMI/SCADA software, is the proud winner of the Mesures award for Innovation 2016 in the industrial computing category. This esteemed award acknowledges companies...
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