What is the relevance of MQTT for telecontrol and SCADA? Meeting with experts.

MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a lightweight, publish-subscribe network protocol using low bandwidth and with low energy consumption. Frequently associated with IoT, it offers many adva...
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How IoT technologies optimize the performance and comfort of smart hospitals

During these unusual times where world health is at the center of every preoccupation, hospitals are undoubtedly facing great demand. Healthcare workers and building operators have to face the challen...
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How to integrate IoT technologies in your industrial applications?

  Context The explosion of data coming from small, self-powered and wireless devices is shaping the way industries are managed today, creating unprecedented opportunities for the industrial sector. Ma...
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Get ready for IoT at SPS IPC Drives!

Industry 4.0 has transformed the world of automation, bringing new challenges for companies from various industries. To accompany professionals through these evolutions, PcVue Solutions has developed ...
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Les Afterwork PcVue - 2h pour innover ensemble dans vos projets !

L’agence PcVue Solutions de Grenoble vous ouvre ses portes le mardi 12 juin 2018 à partir de 16h30 pour un afterwork unique. Nous vous proposons de venir échanger avec nos équipes autour de diverses t...
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Adeunis and ARC Informatique join forces to create a building management system solution (BMS) integrating the IoT universe at the Grenoble Alpes University Hospital

Two recognized players in IoT technologies are integrating their solutions to achieve unprecedented IoT equipment integration with an existing Building Management System (BMS) using LoRaWAN technology...
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Adeunis et ARC Informatique s’associent pour bâtir une solution de Gestion Technique du Bâtiment intégrant l’univers IoT au CHU de Grenoble Alpes

Deux acteurs reconnus des nouvelles technologies mettent en commun leur savoir-faire et leurs solutions pour réaliser une intégration d’équipements IoT en technologie LoRaWAN au cœur d’une Gestion Tec...
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IoT, Industrie: découvrez tous nos événements à venir!

A vos agendas ! Vous recherchez des solutions innovantes, capables d'exploiter des données IoT provenant des réseaux LPWAN ?  Vous souhaitez contrôler vos équipements IoT depuis une seule app mobile ?...
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