PMS 3 - Episode 3: The benefits of modeling

Modeling in a supervision project answers to needs in each phases of a project Conception "Models designed with the user, for the user." As early as the design phase, the system must take into account...
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PMS 3 - Episode 2 : Modeling for SCADA/IoT platforms

Supervision platforms Supervision software platforms get data from devices, visualize and control real-time values through animated views. They also process this data with calculations, alarm manageme...
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PcVue Master Series 2 Episode 2 - Steps for a good deployment (1/2)

Technical prerequisites for web & mobile clients deployment The deployment of web and mobile clients implies, in fact, the use of computer networks, internal to an organization with restricted acc...
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PcVue Masters Series 2 : Everything about Web & Mobile clients

Episode 1 : Why Web & Mobile clients ? Context Evolution of technologies Automated systems have long been based on "closed", system-specific architectures and were by definition isolated from othe...
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