Community Manager for ARC Informatique and international subsidiaries. After an experience in New York graduating in English and marketing, she joined the company in 2013 within the technical support. Based in our French headquarters in Sèvres, she is now part of the Marketing & Communication team and in charge of the social media animation.

Industrial Cybersecurity with Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky held its 5th international Cybersecurity conference in Saint Petersburg with the theme “Safeguarding Progress”, a platform to exchange on the importance of implementing cybersecurity in the ...
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Let’s Rethink Connectivity - Moxa’s Global Distributor Summit 2017

  Every three years, Moxa hosts a conference gathering hundreds of international partners to share its strategic vision and discuss key market orientations.For this edition held in Lisbon, Portugal, t...
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Vous recherchez des solutions de supervision innovantes et fédératrices pour vos projets Smart Building ou Smart City?

Vous l’avez évidement compris, rendre les bâtiments et les infrastructures plus efficients, tout en intégrant l’humain au cœur du système, nécessite des solutions adaptées aux nouveaux usages et aux n...
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SCADA and the Supply Chain

Most – if not all – businesses today involve some sort of supply chain. Even if a company is not directly operating within this industry, it follows more or less similar procedures. From procurement o...
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Update your SCADA system? A luxury or a must ?

What actions must be put in place to secure legacy systems against obsolescence? The end of support for Windows XP, the end of life of your current SCADA system, aging hardware and cyber-security conc...
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Guest — Web Scada
Great post. SCADA Systems means Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems, is mostly found in some engineering fields.... Read More
Monday, 16 April 2018 12:17
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Mettre à jour votre système SCADA : Un luxe ou une nécessité ?

Quelles solutions mettre en œuvre dans le cadre de la gestion d’obsolescence de vos systèmes pour en assurer la cybersécurité? L’arrêt du support de versions de Windows, la fin de vie du Système de Su...
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PcVue presents the world's first IP500 building management system (BMS)

At the IP500 Main Meeting in Freiburg, Germany, PcVue Solutions presented the world's first IP500 building management system (IP500 BMS). The first IP500 BMS is now available for testing and demonstra...
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Hannover Messe 2017: IoT, Cloud, Mobility, Cybersecurity….be ready for your next challenges!

PcVue GmbH invites you to the Hannover fair Industry on April 24 – 28 2017! At the Digital Energy Forum, energy experts, users, scientists as well politicians will address practical solutions and disc...
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