ARC Informatique is Awarded Patent for its Innovation in Contextual Mobility


Leading SCADA/HMI provider ARC Informatique has been granted a patent for its innovation in Contextual Mobility.  The company designed the patented systems and methods for location-based control of equipment and facility resources. It is particularly important for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) including Building Management Systems (BMS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquistion (SCADA) and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) as described by Patent No. 9,819,509.

The massive adoption of smart mobile devices by field engineers and operators is creating new opportunities and also new challenges for mobile workers. Today, automated systems in the plant and facilities generate large amounts of information that must be intelligently presented as relevant information and controls, given the much smaller screen size of mobile devices when compared to control rooms.  ICS users have demanded innovative approaches to monitor, diagnose, maintain and control industrial and building assets from their mobile device.

The patented systems and methods are now incorporated in PcVue Solutions.  Via a mobile device, location information of a user, in or near a facility, is detected using a position sensor. The location information is communicated wirelessly from the user’s mobile device to a server. One or more actions are determined as being available to the user based on the location information and user role - where actions represent those available in an ICS application. Instructions are communicated to cause the mobile device to display the determined available actions in a user interface. This enables the user to receive messages and interact with equipment or facility resources located in proximity to the user by interacting with the one or more actions displayed in the user interface without any need to navigate on their mobile device!

“We listened carefully to our customer’s needs to provide a creative solution to fit their changing work processes and help them achieve their goals more efficiently,” explained Pierre de Bailliencourt, CEO of ARC Informatique.

PcVue Solution’s Contextual Mobility will be presented at trade shows around the world, including the SPS IPC Drives exhibition for electric automation in Nuremburg, Germany on November 28th-30th ,the DistribuTECH Conference in San Antonio, USA, January 23rd-25th, and the IoT World Paris, France, March 21th-22th.

Please visit PcVue Solutions’ website for the schedule of exhibitions showcasing this exciting new technology.


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