Controlled net export for solar PV

Controlled net export for solar PV

Tom Johnson, a consultant specializing in PV system development, energy services, and SCADA is collaborating with PcVue Inc. and ARC Informatique on the generation of SCADA and net export control using SunSpec Alliance specifications and information models to achieve plug-and-play interoperability between Solar PV Farms and smart grid applications.

He was formerly the Solar Monitoring Product Manager for Solectria Renewables where he oversaw the development of utility communications systems for their smart grid inverters. He was one of the first implementers of the DNP3 User Group AN2013-001 standard, which defined SCADA control for smart inverter functions including connection control, real power curtailment, power factor adjustment, and semi-autonomous functions including volt-var and volt-watt curves.

In an article published by Smart Grid News, he explains his collaboration with PcVue, a contributing member of the SunSpec Alliance "We are developing automated tools to provide the bridge between the abstracted project specification and the supervisory system and controller configuration. We expect to be able to automatically configure 90% of the system using this approach. This greatly reduces the cost of the CNE system due to the fact that a large part of the cost of current solutions is the engineering costs of a point solution specific to one site."

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