The DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol) was designed to be a truly open and interoperable protocol standard for the utility industry. It is heavily used in Substation Automation Systems and in Power System communication at large. Playing a crucial role in SCADA systems, it has been recognized for its efficiency for many years; one of the reason why IEEE adopted it as a standard IEEE Std 1815 TM-2010.

(See the DNP3 official website here)

It is used in various industries including electric utility, power distribution and water/waste management. Our PcVue Solutions’ DNP3.0 client driver allows to control and manage devices locally or from remote.
Apart from being a member of the DNP Users’Group, we are involved in multiple projects taking advantage of our DNP3 client driver; with our partners at Iberdrola Ingenieria y Construccion S.A.U (Spain) for a wind farm control center but also in several Latin America mines industry communicating with hundreds of IEDs.

For further details on this driver, please check our PcVue’s DNP3 device profile.

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