IBERDROLA & PcVue : A sustainable partnership

IBERDROLA & PcVue : A sustainable partnership

Advocating Clean Energy

As global CO2 emissions continue to rise, reaching an all-time high in 2018 with an increase of 2.7%* (37.1bn tons), the need for clean energy is certain. 

Its growth speaks for itself as it now constitutes the second biggest source of electricity generation worldwide.

In this context, the energy transition is moving forward at a fast pace backed by technology innovations and competitive prices. 

Iberdrola Renewables SA, the world’s biggest wind power producer and a leader in clean energy, has been committed for decades in creating value sustainably for society, citizens and customers. Last year the company announced its plan to invest approximately 9 billion euros between 2018 and 2022 in offshore wind power as well as $15 billion in the United States on its transmission and distribution system, aiming to reach 10,000 megawatts (MW) by the end of 2022**.

ECOLIB, offering green energy to any housing 

Europe is also at the center of these investments as Iberdrola launches ECOLIB, an electricity offer notably destined to the French market. 

ECOLIB will provide any house with energy 100% issued from renewable sources (mainly wind and solar power), offering customers an alternative to traditional power suppliers, while ensuring reliable and efficient green energy supply.

As a ISO 14001 certified company, ARC Informatique is naturally driven towards projects promoting environmental sustainability and welcomes the initiative of its long-time trusted partner.

The CORE, the start of a fruitful collaboration 

In 2003, Iberdrola opened the CORE Renewable Energy Operation Center in Toledo with the main objective of ensuring remote control for dozens of wind-farms (today 270) from a unique location. 

For this project, Iberdrola selected ARC Informatique’s PcVue software for its reliability, scalability and high performance in a Client-Server data architecture. 

Today, more than 2 million points are connected inside the PcVue architecture. It provides a world-class platform with built-in drivers for energy management and smart grid interoperability such as IEC 61850 client, IEC 60870-5-104 client/server and DNP3 master. 

The solution allows data display in a simple and organized way to the operators, enabling them to detect and analyze any breakdowns or stoppages, and to manage the maintenance teams on site.

This pioneering center supplies services and monitoring to wind, solar farms and mini-hydro power stations, both for Iberdrola Renewable Energy, 24/7 all year. 


In 2010, Iberdrola created the National Control Center of Portland (NCC) which monitors the company’s 52 wind farms in real-time. On site, 32 PcVue Servers ensure the functioning of this innovative infrastructure, inspired from the CORE and connected to it as well. The NCC is today the most advanced facility of its kind in the US and enables the company to optimize operational management and economic efficiency on the American soil. 

The success and efficiency of the CORE and NCC led to the creation of similar command centers in Spain, in Glasgow, UK and Brazil. To guarantee 24/7 availability, Iberdrola set up disaster recovery centers in each one of them.

The partnership between Iberdrola and PcVue Solutions could be summed up by a few figures: more than 110 PcVue Servers operating in the 6 command centers, around 360 wind and solar farms monitored all over the world and 29 592 MW of renewable energy installed capacity.

For more videos on energy management or different markets, visit the PcVue YouTube channel.


*report by Global Carbon Project, 2018

**Iberdrola at its Digital Summit in Madrid, 2018


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