PcVue Remote Solutions, a software platform to fit any remote monitoring needs

Available in the newly released PcVue 15 and in all app stores, our Remote Solutions provide an intuitive software platform for remote operation and maintenance of assets with user virtual assistance and decision support services.

With this suite, you will be able to control your installations remotely, get notifications for immediate action on site and communicate with your teams wherever they are.

Intuitive. Interactive. Intelligent. Secure.

There are many ways to operate and maintain installations remotely:  you may need to remotely access the supervision system to monitor and control operations, to be notified in case of events or alarms and be able to react quickly and control a nearby equipment as you move…

There are many needs, so there cannot be a “one size fits all” answer.

PcVue 15 offers a suite of products for remote operations especially a virtual extension that includes intelligent assistance and impactful support features such as early prediction for known issues.

Used independently or combined with third-party components, this suite of products gives remote & mobile solutions that are intuitive, interactive, intelligent and interoperable with no compromise on security.

Test the solution

 What can it bring to your business?

Different uses, endless possibilities: this suite of products and services is tailor-made for all remote needs!

For example, you can perform maintenance or control with a direct access to necessary data (documentation, real-time information, alarms…), in other words, the same information available in your control room, but now available locally, in front of your process, on your mobile. All available with just in a few taps on your device.

You can optimize your productivity by enabling operators to carry out their daily tasks more efficiently. With the PcVue Remote Solutions:                  

  • Check status of equipment near you in real-time
  • Connect work teams through a private and secure instant messaging system where they can exchange and share reports, audio clips, images and videos
  • Consult documentation of assets close to you
  • Optimize worker safety by following their location in critical environment

Want to discover now how you can benefit from this new remote solution?  You can download our brochure.

If, you have a clear vision of what you need to deploy and have been already informed about PcVue Remote solutions? Feel free to download PcVue software platform on our website!

Our PcVue Remote apps TouchVue & SnapVue are also available on application stores: 


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Monday, 15 August 2022

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