PcVue 12: The Open, Secure and Mobile SCADA/IoT Platform


ARC Informatique is pleased to announce the release of PcVue version 12, a forward-looking software solution to control your assets. Built on the latest technologies, it features an innovative web and mobile HTML5 platform based on the EasyMobileTechnology, specifically developed by ARC for secure and easy deployment. This version comes with an IoT LoRaWAN driver to aggregate data from connected things, and a new Universal Data Connector for limitless interoperability.

What’s new in PcVue 12? 

A complete offer for all mobile users       

The latest version of PcVue is resolutely mobile and connected introducing renewed mobile solutions:

The HTML5 web client WebVue gives access to your mimics via a web browser. It provides a delightful user experience by ensuring cross-browser compatibility, secured communication with HTTPS and deployment in a context of network segregation.

The on-duty app TouchVue notifies the mobile user in case of events and allows to act quickly while making the right decisions. This new version fits the latest UX design and allows to connect several sites with same app

The EasyMobileTechnology technology allows you to deploy in a few clicks your web and mobile solution without a gateway, respecting IT security and diagnostic needs. 

Connect (any) things

PcVue 12 offers a new LoRaWAN IoT driver to integrate IoT data into your applications. The data can be processed, analyzed, filtered, saved and exploited in your projects. With PcVue 12, you will be able to answer new use cases appearing with the rise of wireless and battery technologies.

Take also advantage of a new way to exchange data and unleash interoperability thanks to the Universal Connector. This SQL bridge connects various data sources from ERP, to Azure database or even social networks among others.

New features for your vertical markets

PcVue 12 delivers enriched object libraries for an ever more ergonomic user interface, increased openness and interoperability with enhancements on OPC, SNMP, BACnet, IEC 61850 and 104, and Siemens TIA Portal.

You will develop your applications faster with a simpler configuration environment thanks to the new Quickstart project templates, in partnership with Microsoft for maximum compatibility.

Don’t wait… and update your application with PcVue 12 !

 Scan this QR code to download version 12 

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