PcVue featured and awarded at Telecontrollo 2017 - Italia


PcVue Srl took part in the 2-days event of Telecontrollo Forum held in Verona:  the opportunity for our team to introduce our vision with a presentation on Telecontrol Systems for the Digital Utilities: Application Principles.

The mainstream themes of the forum covered Industry, Networks and City, with a chairman for each group. For every theme, a paper was selected for its relevance on the topic. One of the two PcVue memories has been chosen as the general winner.

The essay written by our partner Giuliano Ceseri, owner of Prometeo and co-founder of TEAL, a specialized PcVue system integrator in telecontrol systems, stresses the importance of the conceptual and architectural design in setting-up successful telecontrol projects: many of them are jammed to 30-years old concepts. Today, the risk is to shot in clouds tons of unrelated data impossible to be post-processed in order to transform “digital data” in relevant information.

The second memory, presented by Filippo Cubattoli highlights the lack of a layer between the "SCADA project" and the "SCADA platform", let's call it "Frame for Telecontrol".

To enable the development of this framework (which in fact, also entails the system integrator's know-how), the chosen SCADA platform requires some mandatory functionalities like strong integrated communication drivers, non-permanent connection management for realtime & historic, a big integration with the IT world, and an open eye to Cybersecurity among others.

We have worked in synergy with our system integrator partners to make possible the creation of a complete telecontrol framework.

This forum was a great platform to exchange with customers and partners on their needs, and discuss the new demands of our business, coming with new technologies brought by IoT, Cloud and Industry 4.0.

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