PcVue for the remote control of wind farms

PcVue for the remote control of wind farms

Iberdrola Renewables is the world leader in electricity production from renewable sources in particular from wind power. Founded in 1995, Iberinco, Iberdrola’s internal division, is an energy operations center at Toledo, near Madrid, that manages and remotely controls two hundred and seventy farms around the world.

The firm is responsible for the installations in terms of electrical generation, distribution and control. It ensures services that comprise project management, engineering, supply, construction and operational support. Iberdrola Renovables aim is to provide the service without geographical limits.

In the context of a project for supervision and control of modern wind power systems, Iberdrola Ingeniería has chosen ARC Informatique’s PcVue software for its reliability, scalability and high performance in a Client-Server data architecture. The main objective of the project was to make the information from the wind farms, especially alarms and historical data, available remotely. The control system at each site samples the main operational data from the generators and the various substations.

These systems are connected to the CORE (Iberdrola's Renewable Energies Operation Center) via long-distance communication links. The CORE uses these data to identify and diagnose potential problems and so to intervene to effect a solution. Read more

Watch a presentation about CORE here.

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