PcVue Master Series 3 : The benefits of modeling for a SCADA/IoT platform

Episode 1 : SCADA/IoT platforms and standardization

Systems growth

Many systems allow the operation and maintenance of installations in all fields (buildings, industry, energy, transport, infrastructure, and environment).

These systems respond to different issues:

-        New user needs,

-        Efficiency and production requirements,

-        Regulatory constraints,

-        Emergence of new technologies


In parallel, the data volume made available by these systems is constantly increasing due to the deployment of networks and new technologies such as the Internet of Things.

All these systems can only be effective if they are centrally supervised and optimized.

Interoperability and standardization

The multiplication of systems raises the question of interoperability: how do systems interconnect with each other in order to be as efficient as possible?

This question is even more important from the SCADA/IoT platforms perspective, as they are in charge of monitoring installations and by definition these platforms connect to various systems.

Indeed, the ability of a supervision platform to integrate different systems with transparency is essential to effectively build its application but also to maintain the operational conditions of the facilities over time. Such a platform must be able to adapt to changes without affecting consequently the entire installation in terms of configuration and operation.

The interoperability of the supervision platform with other systems is therefore at two levels:

-        In the design phase, to connect to the different systems, reducing integration time and risk of errors. 

-  In the operational phase, to exchange data with the various systems, facilitating maintenance during the lifecycle of installations

Most facilities or production lines meet standards implemented through well-established procedures.

Multiplication of systems in all markets

-        For operation

-        For maintenance

-        Data increasing

Needs for interoperability & standardization

- Supervision of different systems

- Seamless integration of configurations

- Minimizing the impact of changes

In the same way, to interface with various systems, a supervision platform must have the tools to standardize the design, the development and the maintenance of a project. Modeling promotes the interoperability of the supervision platform with different systems by creating reusable generic object models and the ability to aggregate configurations from different systems.


To go further:

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Stay tuned for episode 2, we will discuss Modeling for SCADA/IoT platforms !


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