PcVue Masters Series - S1E5: Are the provider and its product certified?


Discover the PcVue Solutions Master Series

Mini-series that inform you on everything you need to know to [supervise] your systems!
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Season 1: “The 6 questions to ask when choosing your supervisory platform”

This first series aims to guide you in choosing the right SCADA platform for your needs.

S1E5 – Is the provider and its product certified?

Why certification is important

Don’t be fooled by vendors that only highlight countless features, you will probably want to have a closer look behind the scenes … Checking certifications is the first step to gain confidence in the company and its products

Check your provider

ü  How long has this company been working in this market? Start-ups may propose innovative and interesting products but they don’t necessarily have a track record. The sustainability of a solution should not be overlooked because a SCADA project, once installed, can live for ten years and more…                                      

ü  Is the company certified for quality management system (QMS) –ISO90001 for instance- and why is this certification particularly relevant? This type of certification sets the standard for customer satisfaction and guarantees an organized commitment from an institution. It is also a clear sign the vendor is dedicated to the reliability of the platform in the future.

 Certifications demand specialized skills that are necessary to perform with a high degree of competence in a perimeter. It is a token of a robust understanding and knowledge of a product or a field.


Innovation and product certification

ü   Has the company, and the product, obtained technical certifications around the product you have selected? In many markets (Buildings, Energy, etc.), independent organizations make sure products comply with a standard. If in your field a standard exists, it is relevant to check the main certifications of the product.

ü  Beyond accolades, it is interesting to observe the dynamism and innovation at the heart of the platform developer. Vendors involved in research projects and in business associations are naturally more attentive to the market and are potentially able to reduce their time-to-market, providing you with continuous evolutions.

    ARC Informatique is both ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified and has product certification such as BACnet BTL or GL-DNV, a brevet for its contextual mobility solution SnapVue as well as numerous of R&D and technologies partnerships that you will find here: https://www.pcvuesolutions.com/france/index.php/societe/r-d-and-technologies-partners

On the final episode of this first series, we will discuss how to make your project live in time!

Watch episode 5 on YouTube!

Includes credits from the following Yamini Ahluwalia – “Next” from thenounproject.com

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Thursday, 13 August 2020

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