PcVue Masters Series - S1E6: How to make my project live in time?



Discover the PcVue Solutions Master Series

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Season 1: “The 6 questions to ask when choosing your supervisory platform”

This first serie aims to guide you in choosing the right SCADA platform for your needs.

S1E6 – How to make my project live in time? 

Evolution, maintenance, innovation ... a project is an environment in perpetual motion!

Once a project has been approved, validated and commissioned, a new era begins: operational maintenance of the system…the journey has just begun!

Good operational maintenance requires conditions that follow main principles:


ü  Set up beforehand a precise methodology for the traceability of your project and its evolution over time. To simplify the implementation of this method, some products offer 'project version management'.

If subcontractors are involved in the project, consider writing a “best practices” guide. 

Versions updates and compatibility

ü  Make sure patches and other security packs proposed by the vendor are updated, both on the product and on the operating systems (OS) as well as computers or virtual machines hosting the application. For this purpose, the vendor must be transparent about the validation and support of the OS/machine. The vendor should ensure new versions of the platform support previous versions seamlessly. This point is crucial over time, because any lack of compatibility may require you to redevelop your project just because the enterprise IT requires that you update your OS!

Maintenance contracts

ü  Favor maintenance contracts, subscriptions, or a rental agreement on the product in order to say informed on new versions, and to be able to migrate or make updates easily.


    Stay tuned

Take advantage of online resources by subscribing to information channels the vendor may offer to keep abreast of product trends and developments.

Get other customers feedback by participating in events organized by the vendor. Ideally in person on an annual basis because it is during these meetings that you will be able to exchange ideas and experience with users. These type of reverts may help you in managing your project effectively and efficiently.

Do not hesitate to solicit the sales force of the vendor to be introduced to the latest innovations of a version in advance. This will allow you to better organize your budget and manage your expenses to benefit from upcoming releases.


A project does not stop when it is installed, it will evolve and live over time. The durability of an installation depends on its maintenance in operational conditions and for this the software editor must be able to help you anticipate and evolve your system at best through the following means:

- Traceability

- Updates

- Maintenance contract

- Information

Take a look to our solutions to help you to make your system live in time :



To read the complete Top 6 questions to ask when choosing your SCADA platform, download the white paper available soon on our website

In the meantime you can watch episode 6 on YouTube:

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