PcVue presents the world's first IP500 building management system (BMS)


At the IP500 Main Meeting in Freiburg, Germany, PcVue Solutions presented the world's first IP500 building management system (IP500 BMS). The first IP500 BMS is now available for testing and demonstrations. In the coming months it will be installed in a concrete plant in Freiburg, Germany.

Armin Kaltenbacher, Head of Technology and Support at PcVue Deutschland, presented the new system and demonstrated its potential in front of a group of representatives of IP500 OEM manufacturers and partners in a live demo with CoreNetiX EdgeRouter and CNX200 Dev-Kit – the world’s first Thru IoT Dual Band RF Module. The web-based visualization WebVue and the mobile user interfaces SnapVue and TouchVue formed an important part of the demonstration..

Thanks to the newly developed PcVue driver, this solution offers an unlimited number of binary and analog inputs. In the control direction, binary and analog outputs can be controlled and alarms can be recognized from the IP500 secured mesh network. This means that any number of IP500 gateways, OEM actuators and sensors can be integrated and visualized: an automated acknowledgment stores the successful data transition in the log files.

The system also enables an end-to-end IoT communication of wireless - 6LowPAN based IP500 mesh network of sensors and actuators to mobile PcVue clients, such as a Smartphone or SmartPAD. The PcVue software can further be used to display a complete dashboard and system visualizations of extensive commercial buildings or areas. Additional smart features and an intelligent GUI component (User Interface) will be integrated into the IP500 ecosystem sometime in the future, giving the data flow in the wireless IoT network a “face to the user”.

The PcVue building management software now comes with a driver for communication with IP500-based subsystems. PcVue can be used by all OEM manufacturers of IP500 solutions (sensor, actuators etc.) as an open platform for safety and security applications in commercial buildings and homes (please find more information about the IP500 standard platform in DKE www.vde.com – German Standardization Roadmap Smart Home + Building).

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