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The European Utility Week trade show 2017 was an opportunity for PcVue Solutions to present on its booth the European research project FUSE-IT (Facility Using Smart Secured Energy & Information Technology).
This project is a consortium of 19 European partner companies from 4 countries (France, Belgium, Turkey, Portugal). It was initiated in 2014 by ITEA, a cluster carrying more than 200 innovative projects in the field of software, and is expected to be completed this year.
Within the framework of FUSE-IT, each country will present a project on the theme of BMS (Building Management System) and energy efficiency integrating the cybersecurity dimension.
It is in this context that PcVue Solutions has co-developed with other partners (Airbus Defense & Space, Thales, Sogeti, ICAM, ISEP-GECAD and CEA List) a platform for the intelligent and secure management of a building through a WEB portal.
The objective is to be able to correlate all the information of a building in order to restore a synthesis pertinent to any user allowing a quick and efficient action.


FUSE-IT : how does that work?



Real-time data from a set of building sensors (presence, temperature, humidity, pressure, lighting, smart meter, access control, geolocation, biometric) are retrieved via a communication gateway (Smart Networks).

These data feed two software subsystems:

- the BMS (Smart Management System) provided by the software PcVue (ARC informatique) for graphics animations and control of equipment
- the system security management (Smart Security Management System) provided by the Cymerius software (Airbus). This subsystem allows network monitoring (virus detection, ...) but also integrates a behavior analysis component (SEC). Depending on the data and various scenarios, the algorithms of the SEC determine whether an abnormal situation is in progress (eg a user detected at two different locations at the same time).

A web portal displays the aggregated information of the 2 subsystems through a unified view in which we find:
o 3D representation of the building allowing the location of alarms and equipment
o The list of events and alarms: intrusion, temperature fault, network problem, cyber attack (back, ...) ...
o Real-time monitoring and control of the measurements and states of the sensors
o Energy performance and safety indicators (KPI)
The user thus has on a single interface a full set of information enabling her/him to make the best use of the building in terms of performance and safety.


The benefits of this type of projects are multiple, they allow in particular:
- to combine the expertise of the various actors in their respective fields in order to arrive at innovative technical solutions
- further collaborations on other projects that may lead to commercial solutions
For example, during this project, the PcVue Solutions teams worked on the improvement of new technologies (new HTML5 WEB components, API REST, authentication mechanisms, ...) which will be implemented in future versions of PcVue.
This is due in particular to the work carried out with the teams of Airbus Defense & Space, with which Arc Informatique is already planning other projects in the coming months.












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PcVue Solutions au cœur des projets Européens

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