PMS 3 - Episode 5 : Importing configuration

For this final episode, let’s have a look at a practical case of configuration import !

Another element to allow interoperability is the ability of the supervision platform to integrate the configuration of third-party systems into a project.

Smart Generators 

For example PcVue Smart Generators allow you to automatically generate an application by importing configuration elements from external sources.

They considerably facilitate and accelerate the development of a PcVue project avoiding the loss of time of a double configuration and any risk of error. The wizards guide you through the process of extracting data from third-party applications in order to generate PcVue configuration elements (database of variables, configuration of communication, screens, etc.).


-  TIA portal

-  Unity pro®

-  WAGO®

-  MOXA®

-  OPC


-  CAD (AutoCAD)

-  LNS®

-  STEP7®


-  Stardom™

-  Harmonas®


-  TwinCAT®

-  BACnet™

-  Générique XML

- FactoryLink®



Example WAGO configuration import 

The following example shows the import of a WAGO configuration

The WAGO file is selected from the wizard 

All or part of the WAGO elements can be selected for import:

The names of the elements in PcVue can be customized with a branch:

The import generates the entire configuration of the communication with the WAGO device as well as the associated PcVue variables:

To go further:

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