PMS S4E4: Smart Resource Management


Previously on our seriesRemote Connected Front-Line Workers” : Working remotely during the pandemic often requires being resourceful.  Front-line workers maintaining essential equipment can be overwhelmed with their tasks due to limited resources for support…

As businesses migrate to greater and greater percentage of remote connected workers, there is a challenge to keep track of where everyone is at any given time.  Consider Paul, who is in the control room monitoring the highway tunnels cutting through the mountainous region west of him. 

Paul is supported by mobile teams of remote connected workers who spend their days in pickup trucks.  These people are there to respond to emergencies, but they also perform maintenance work on a less critical nature, as required.  Each of them has special training on different aspects of the tunnel system, from gas monitoring, security and air flow systems.

Paul needs to know where everyone is currently located and what their specialties are, so he can efficiently direct his request for support.  In this case, he is blind to the eastbound lane at marker 20.  The security camera has gone off-line.  He sees that both Tim and Sam are certified on the camera monitoring system, but Tim is about 10 minutes closer. However, when he selects Tim, he can see that Tim is still working on replacement of a CO2 sensor.

Given that safety is the top priority, Paul does not waste time and makes his request to Sam for support on the camera.  Let’s look at the technology that makes this work.

The location of Sam, Tim and the other remote connected workers are known using several types of geotags.  This includes using GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while they are in motion.  Further clarification of their position is known when they scan NFC or QR codes when they move from site to site or start working on a specific piece of equipment.

Paul sees this in the control room by referring to the Map Control of his SCADA system.  This way he can see specifically, who is the remote connected and qualified worker nearest to his point of interest.

Coming next….

Episode 5 untitled “Electronic Operations and Maintenance Logs” on the value of chat history logs and O&M records.


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