PMS S4E6 : Holistic Operations and Maintenance


Previously on our seriesRemote Connected Front-Line Workers” : There is great value in maintaining the history of your conversations and exchanges with the O&M records …

As mentioned earlier, prior to the pandemic, we have been working with customers to develop support for remote connected workers in operations and maintenance.  The Operations Department and the Maintenance Department in many companies has historically operated in separate silos.  This created organizational resistance to what our collaborators were proposing to their management.  Namely a holistic system providing operational views to maintenance personnel. The pandemic has broken down those barriers as our customers deal with the larger business continuity issues.

The patented SnapVue technology goes beyond traditional CMMS functionality by providing the maintenance worker with the ability to have the current operating condition of the equipment appear on their mobile device as they move about their work.  It enhances maintenance systems without the need for a replacement of the existing platforms.

As Mike moves toward the chiller, even before reaching out to Ann for expert advice (see episode 3), his phone or other mobile device presents him with the O&M manual for the chiller.  With a single click he can see the current intake and outflow temperatures and with controlled access, he can easily navigate to other chillers in the system to ensure that what he is seeing is not a systematic problem.  He can refer to water temperature trends, he can acknowledge and annotate alarms.  If his hospital operating procedures allow it, he may change a set point on the chiller.

Intelligent Assistance

There are two parts to maintenance tasks, trouble shooting and maintenance procedures.  Back at the Hydro Power Plant, (see episode 3) once Heather, Kurt and Joel had diagnosed the problem, it was simply a matter of following the procedure to replace the control valve air supply tubing.  Joel followed the procedures outlined on his mobile device, moving step by step through the actions and acknowledging completion of each with a simple click.  That’s exactly how Paul could see that Tim was still in the process of replacing the CO2 sensor in the tunnel and knew to ask Sam to help him with the camera (see episode 4).

Intelligent Assistance (IA) is also used to perform automating reporting.  With the procedure known to the system, the IA fills preconfigured free-form Microsoft Word or Excel reports and generates free form Excel log books. These can easily be imported to the CMMS work history record.

The IA can also be taught about the human SME and automatically connect the remote connected worker with the appropriate SME to further assist the remote connected worker.

Coming next….

On the 7th and final episode of our series, we will have a closer look at what is exactly the new normal for front-line workers.

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