Renovation or new buildings, the innovations of the PcVue platform for energy performance


PcVue and LonWorks®, a proven solution to drive Smart Building innovation

The LonWorks® fieldbus standard deployed in building automation, or LON® for "Local Operating Network", is always widely used in commercial buildings thanks to its interoperability and flexibility, it perfectly meets the requirements of comfort and usages.

Today, the evolution of technology allows the LonWorks® solution to remain relevant and to be positioned on renovations and new constructions. With IzoT4 Net Server, a generic multi-manufacturers tool, the number of renovations where the technology has been maintained continues to grow.

There are several reasons for this including the advantages of the system in terms of maintainability, durability, evolution, and energy consumption which allow a lower cost of rehabilitation and use.

Many new projects are using this standardized (ISO/IEC 14908), open and decentralized solution, which is particularly fitted for applications in building automation.

Because of its interaction between field devices from different vendors, each with its own intelligence, it permits the realization of a flexible overall system with multiple functions. In a continuous system, it is an important component for the optimization of energy consumption. 

Renovation of the BMS for the D2 tower in La Défense business district with PcVue

The LonWorks solution was maintained and updated as part of this project. The D2 tower in La Défense was commissioned in 2015. It is one of the most emblematic achievements of the Franco-American architectural duo Anthony Bechu and Tom Sheehan.

Its 450 square meter garden on the 37th and top floor of the building, called the "Cloud Garden", is unique for its time. This 54,000 sq.m. tower, of which 48,710 sq.m. of useful office space, offers a capacity of 4,200 workstations spread over 37 levels. The technical installations were renovated in 2022. The building is certified HQE, BBC RT 2005, RT2012 compliance and BREEAM Very Good level*.

The PcVue application is made up of two PcVue acquisition servers that collect field information from the various energy, AHU, comfort & lighting lots for centralized management and for a tenant lot, completed by a PcVue historical server. Eight PcVue client stations are used to control and monitor the installations.

New building The Place Montrouge, PcVue ensures the management of the Power, AHU, comfort and lighting lots

Located at the gateway to Paris, this new building was designed by the Anthony Bechu architectural agency.

The quality and flexibility of its floors, its terraces surrounding its business center and its reception as well as collaboration areas will facilitate the future occupants' adoption of new working methods.

With a surface area of 10,248 square meters divided into 8 floors for approximately 1,020 workstations, delivery is scheduled for December 2022 with the Effinergie+, HQE Excellent and BREEAM Very Good labels.

The PcVue application manages the Electricity, AHU, comfort and lighting lots. The equipment communicating in LON uses 4 port LIPs from LOYTEC while the management of the partitioning is entrusted to the NLFacilities tool.

PcVue is completed by the SysView Web tool belonging to the company Sys&Com, which allows the energy monitoring of an installation using standards such as BRICKS or HAYSTACK.

This software package can be used to generate and distribute reports in various formats to monitor a building's energy consumption. Thanks to its flexible, configurable and high-performance analyzer, SysView Web allows users to interact with the system in order to study and refine its analysis through secure exchanges (Https via TLS authentication). A notification and alert module, informs the user in real time of an abnormal consumption or a drift without being connected 24 hours a day on the system.

Both operations were carried out by SYS&COM, member of the LonMark and PcVue Certified Partner, intervening in the fields of integration of Smart Building systems, R2S and Building Operating System.

 Building Management System for The Place Montrouge

Upcoming PcVue 16 platform, innovations that make buildings more intelligent and their maintenance more efficient

PcVue 16 will introduce features to meet new needs around three axes: assisting front-line users, meeting the needs of the building markets while ensuring a high level of cyber security.

Frontline workers (maintenance, operations, etc.) need to be remotely connected to all building resources to ensure that they are working properly. They need to exchange with their teams, visualize the live status of connected equipment, access documents or report their actions in real-time for analysis and future planning. PcVue's intelligent mobile assistance provides the user with interactive guidance, contextual procedures, automated reporting and access to secure messaging.

In addition, buildings are now part of the Smart City and, in order to comply with regulatory obligations or to provide more services to occupants, many sites are deciding to install charging stations for electric vehicles. PcVue 16 offers an integrated solution using the OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) connector to control the charging stations of all compatible manufacturers. It also interfaces with an infinity of third party services (service operators, network managers,…).

An app allows optimization of driver charging requests.  These mobile and intelligent solutions allow all three parties involved - vehicles, charging stations and drivers - to perfectly match availability, charging and time.



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