SB4DViewer : A European project for BIM

Collaborative research projects are an excellent way for companies to develop and test new solutions by confronting different teams specialized in their field and complementary to each other. It is in this context that PcVue Solutions participates with Archidata, Algo'Tech and CSTB in the European research project SB4DViewer.

The context: Building Information Modeling (BIM) at the heart of digital building challenges

We saw in a previous article the importance for the world of building to transform its methods to achieve ambitious performance targets expected in the coming years.

The change goes through the digitization of the building and the BIM will be part of the answer. It defines a common and shared digital model of building data, enabling all stakeholders to work together at each stage of a building's life cycle: design, construction, operation, renovation.

Nevertheless, the practical implementation of this is not obvious and faces the difficulty of ensuring the interoperability between the systems for the exchange of data, always more numerous.

SB4DViewer project

SB4DViewer is a European research project supported by the European program EUREKA-Eurostars. This project, which began in March 2019, is led by three companies specializing in software for buildings: PcVue Solutions, Archidata and Algo'Tech, accompanied by the public organism CSTB. It will allow to develop a relevant solution for the digital data management of the building.

The large amount of data generated by the Internet of Things can be used to make buildings more profitable, sustainable, secure and adapted to the comfort of the occupants. However, data from different systems are incompatible and processed in separate software, limiting the potential for interpretation by building stakeholders.

It is in this context that PcVue Solutions works with its partners on the development of a platform for integration and data exchange from the many systems connected to the building. The goal is to facilitate the operation, visualization and interpretation of BIM data generated by buildings.



 As shown in the graph above, the principle is based on the exchange of data specific to each software on a common platform.This ecosystem will generate an accurate and constantly updated BIM-operating database by juxtaposing data from systems initially incompatible.In addition, through the creation of open and standardized formats and exchange processes, other players can in turn connect and feed the BIM-exploitation database.

The benefits will be many:

o Faster location of faulty equipment and its source of energy

o Interpreting complex problems by coupling data from the same space

o Accumulation of a large amount of data over time despite changes in the spatial structure and numbering of the premises

o Trend detection in datasets with simple and easy-to-use visualization tools

Projects players

CSTB : Public body whose expertise will help establish new open standards and ensure compatibility with IFC 3D BIM build format

Archidata : Software editor of a Web-based software that lets you switch from 2D to BIM by generating digital twins from available architectural documents.

Algo’Tech: Software editor of software solutions that can visualize fluid networks, manage via web or mobile technical documentation of equipment and operator intervention workflow

PcVue Solutions: Software platform that retrieves real-time data from building equipment and sensors and allows visualization, control and processing for operation and maintenance


PcVue solutions like all players in the digital transition of the building will be present at IBS2019. Our experts will be there to present the SB4DViewer project.

Join us to discuss digital building issues at booth D05.

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SB4DViewer : Un projet Européen pour le BIM

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