SnapVue, enhancing field operations with digital assistance


SnapVue is a mobile application that assists operators in their tasks according to their location and their role with a set of customizable services.

The user is notified of important events, they are able to monitor and control nearby systems, communicate with other team members in real time, are guided in their actions by an intelligent bot and plan their interventions whose reports will be automatically transmitted to the company's information system.

End-user adherence

The COVID pandemic has forced companies to quickly implement remote working strategies and adapt their working methods, notably on production sites.
The following trends have emerged:

  • Fewer workers stationed in a central control room designed to operate without permanent staff
  • Most of them moving around the site or to several sites
  • Need for remote validation of tasks
  • Need for digitization of processes and documents and linkage to mobile workers
  • Need for better cooperation and resource sharing between all remotely connected workers and experts

These trends led us to realize:
Frontline operators are faced with complex situations that require quick efficiency and they need to be assisted in their actions. They need an intuitive and easy-to-use system that does not waste their time but rather allows them to focus on their task and be more efficient.

To solve certain problems, they need to be able to communicate in real-time with other teams and a control center to obtain information but also to report on the situation.

In addition, the company's information systems must be accessible and updated in real-time, thus avoiding errors related to manual double entries.

Service to the company

SnapVue improves the efficiency of operational teams through intuitive digital assistance that requires minimal user action.

For example, a maintenance operator automatically accesses real-time information about nearby equipment without having to navigate the interface (automatic display) and is notified in case of abnormal events. They are guided in their operations by an intelligent bot and can access any document useful for their intervention or dialogue with another team member or an expert.

Their tasks can be planned in direct link with the company calendar and they can validate and sign their pre-filled intervention reports which will be automatically transmitted to the central system.

Productivity gains thanks to the solution

SnapVue increases user convenience and services and allows for greater team responsiveness and efficiency. It enables our customers to significantly improve the efficiency of commissioning, operation and maintenance of automation systems.

This solution significantly helps our users reduce energy consumption and machine downtime due to maintenance and breakdowns, while improving equipment productivity, employee safety and environmental impact.

The innovative nature of the solution

SnapVue is distinguished by its ability to integrate several dimensions in a single app (location, role, communication, data access, interactive guidance) to provide complete assistance adapted to each user in a natural and intuitive way. It is truly an intelligent mobile assistant, an extension of the mobile operator, providing a link between operations and the company's IS.

Moreover, SnapVue is fully customizable and can therefore respond to an infinite number of use cases with a set of functions and technologies available and configurable without code.

Simplicity of use

SnapVue is designed to be intuitive and interactive. The technology used allows to warn and guide a user when necessary while allowing a simple and friendly interaction.

The interface of the mobile application can be adapted to each user to best meet their operational needs.
In addition, SnapVue is easy to implement thanks to a code-free parameterization interface that will allow a designer to easily create interfaces and scenarios adapted to the usage need.

The originality of the approach

SnapVue, a patented solution, is not a simple mobile application for displaying real-time information. By combining the integration of geolocation technologies, data processing capabilities and guidance and communication services, SnapVue is a complete digital assistance solution for operations.


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