Available on most Ethernet enable device, SNMP is the standard for network management, it allows access to a wide range of information used for monitoring and diagnostic of network infrastructure and devices such as switches, routers, firewalls, end-points. Polling but also event-based messages, sent by the device on specific events are supported.

The benefits of this implementation in PcVue 11.1, soon-to-be-released, are numerous: Simple integrated configuration, fast deployment for large architecture, seamless redundancy, built-in library, among others. In line with our cybersecurity standards, we also supports SNMP v3 for secure authentication and data exchange.

Many of our customers have already adopted our built-in solution. Notably one of the leaders in electric energy transport in Latin America managing substations for high-voltage transmission networks in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. Air navigation authorities in West Africa also chose our solutions to monitor and control VHF antennas.

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DNV Kema Certification

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