IP500 Alliance main meeting hosted by PcVue in Landshut, Germany


More than 20 IIoT enthusiasts from 10 different countries gathered in Landshut, Germany February 21st and 22nd for the quarterly main Meeting of the IP500 Alliance (http://ip500.org/), this time hosted by PcVue Solutions.

Keynote speaker Hans-Jürgen Schmitt, Managing Director of PcVue GmbH Germany, described the broad range of business solutions that are possible to implement with PcVue Solutions' SCADA/HMI software in building automation technology as well as other domains, no matter if it is based on a traditional scenario or an IIoT-scenario. He emphasized the unique approach of the brand’s mobile SCADA solutions.
Helmut Adamski, chairman of the IP500 Alliance, also announced the order of the first building automation project, based on an IP500 backbone, in the context of the RegioWIN Freiburg Smart City project. In addition, the restructuration of the IP500 chapter in India was a major subject during the meeting.

A very interesting and new aspect of the main Meeting was presentations held by end customers which highlighted the important benefits of a secure, safe and certifiable wireless communication standard, such as IP500 for retrofit purpose and following up on mobile workforce. This is an assumption that is fully in line with the ideas of the PcVue Mobile Solutions.
PcVue is the world’s first IP500-ready building management system. It integrates an IP500 communication driver and further tools for connecting an IP500 wireless network.


About the IP500 Alliance
The IP500® Alliance is an international industry initiative of leading manufacturers, users and operators. The aim of the Alliance is to jointly define, develop and provide a wireless, manufacturer-neutral and secure communication platform for smart buildings.
The IP500 platform guarantees maximum interoperability for the interdisciplinary and interdepartmental interplay of different products by using central, generally introduced and accepted industrial standards and standards. The IP500® standard is also the first and only solution that meets all regulations according to EN and VdS. It therefore ensures communication between devices and control in safety-relevant applications such as fire protection, alarms or access via a secure, wireless network.

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