100 Tunnels under control

100 Tunnels under control

Due to its mountainous topography, Italy is a country rich in road tunnels. In the Lombardy region, a new supervision and remote control system has been designed and implemented by Gemmo S.p.A. Based on the PcVue SCADA system from ARC Informatique, it ensures the comfort and safety of users along over 140km of tunnels.

The wide alpine arc that surrounds and contains Italian territory is crossed by roads which include many tunnels. The tunnels are of variable vintage and the plant used inside them is inconsistent, due to differing implementation dates and technologies adopted.
Thanks to a new wide-ranging project, the tunnel system of the road network is now managed by a new supervision and control system that is unique due to its size and complexity.

The application falls within a project concerning the technological requalification and safety management of approximately 100 tunnels on state roads managed by ANAS S.p.A in Lombardy. Read more

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Monday, 28 September 2020

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