Canadian Natural Resources relies on PcVue Solutions to automate oil and gas operations

Canadian Natural Resources relies on  PcVue Solutions to automate oil and gas operations

CNRL is measuring millions of tags and an approximate 800,000 I/O points within its primary operations. GE and Allen-Bradley PLCs, Fisher and Bristol Babcock RTUs are the major brands used throughout production.

The PcVue SCADA is monitoring and providing pertinent data used by some 2,500 employees who need to access the information in some shape or form – i.e., monitoring, reviewing, or maintaining data in real-time.

Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL), founded in 1989 and headquartered in Calgary, Canada, possesses a diversified combination of assets in North America, the North Sea and Offshore Africa and today is the largest independent crude oil and natural gas producer in the Canada. Delivering a balanced mix of natural gas, light oil, heavy oil, in situ oil sands production, oil sands mining and associated upgrading facilities, CNRL engages in the exploration and development of geographic areas for the production of natural gas and crude oil.

The company operates its business through three primary reportable segments: Horizon oil sands production, thermal heavy oil, and conventional oil and gas. CNRL’s SCADA Specialist, Kurtis Jackson, spearheaded the company’s automation project to replace its FactoryLink SCADA systems with the PcVue’s SCADA and FrontVue solutions. CNRL has numerous independent automation systems of various brands and Jackson wanted to centralize and achieve consistency by integrating as many of these automation systems as possible on PcVue.

In addition, CNRL wanted to leverage PcVue’s ability to support multi-station architectures for networking and currently runs Modbus Roc, Roc Talk, and BSAP.
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