PcVue and Kaspersky Lab for Industrial Cybersecurity


Industrial cybersecurity is evolving. The emergence of digitalization brought unprecedented opportunities but also new safety challenges and vulnerabilities for industrial environments. 

Security must keep up with these evolutions to ensure protection of critical infrastructures. For industrial systems, where any error or shutdown matters, process robustness and continuity is the top priority. 

Kasperky Lab and PcVue Solutions have worked together to provide an effective response to cyber threats such as virus, malwares and spywares. KICS (Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity) is a solution specifically designed to meet the needs of OT: fault tolerant and non-disturbing, it can even operate in conditions of network isolation (air-gap).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwljG_LcPIY Kaspersky demo project with PcVue

PcVue Secure is the bundle offering one complete secure system with PcVue SCADA, components of Kaspersky: KasperskyOS, Kaspersky Hypervisor and an Advantech Server.

The PcVue software runs under virtualized Windows, protected by the impermeable KasperskyOS, while everything is pre-installed and bundled on an Advantech server or PC.

With services for nodes and networks control, the solution allows detection of malicious actions on each step of a cyber-attack lifecycle hence saving process continuity.

Digital Transformation, center topic at the 6th international Kaspersky conference 

The conference held in Sochi, Russia, drew attention on opportunities and challenges in Digital Transformation.

PcVue was featured on Kaspersky Lab’s booths as a silver partner. Participants were able to attend among others, a demonstration of PcVue Secure illustrating its action during a cyber-attack attempt on an automation system.

ARC’s partnership with Kaspersky further solidifies its full commitment to implement security in its solutions at all levels, from design to delivery.

If you aim to build a cyber-secure computer architecture you can rely on our shared expertise. Get in touch with us to implement sound solutions in your cyber risk management strategy and protect your assets!

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