The Future Unified System for Energy and Information Technology (Fuse IT)

The Future Unified System for Energy and Information Technology (Fuse IT)

For many years ARC Informatique has been involved in European projects managed by ITEA, a cluster program supporting innovative, industry-driven, pre-competitive R&D projects in the area of Software-intensive Systems & Services.

What is a European project?
It is usually a European collaborative research project that involves several partners. The associates are from various domains and range such as large industrial players, SMEs, universities, research institutes and user organizations, thus enabling the collaboration of partners having different competencies and knowledge. Partly conceived with public funding from national or European authorities, it results in bringing new innovative solutions and technologies onto the market.

The PcVue team is currently working on FUSE-IT with 20 other companies from France, Portugal, Turkey and Belgium. The FUSE-IT mission is to design a smart secured building system, incorporating secured share sensors, effectors and devices strongly interconnected through trusted federated energy & information networks, a core building data processing & analysis module, a smart unified building management interface and a full security dashboard.

ARC is in charge of developping the Fuse IT unified HMI. The interface will allow the display of information from both BMS and SMS (Security Management System) enabling data correlation. In others words, the possibility for the operator of cross-checking data for an optimal analysis.

Conducted by Adrien Becue from Airbus Defense & Space, the 3 years project was labeled by the ITEA board and is funded by the French Directorate for Enterprise (DGE). Started in October 2014 and will be completed in October 2017.

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