PcVue SCADA features

Central Project Management

Key Features

  • 3 types of versions : development, operational and reference
  • Configurable content of a version
  • Track modification for each version
  • Automatic version numbering system
  • Unlimited number of  versions (vs media free space)



  • Easy maintenance and deployment of a project and/or libraries
  • Unlimited number of versions
  • Modifications tracking
  • Reduce the risk of errors and loss


To make the maintenance and the deployment of a project easier and faster, PcVue is delivered with a built-in central project management tool.

project management

Different versions of a project and/or libraries are centralized in a shared directory on the network. The centralized project and/or libraries can be modified from any station on the network.  
Usually a dedicated PcVue development station is used to host the central project versions directory and to make the change for a project.
Any station can load and run manually any type of version or automatically one reference version of a project and/or libraries from the central project directory. This feature is also available for a stand-alone architecture.