Electric Vehicles



Operation manager

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Deliver EV charge services through an efficient system

  • Monitoring & control of any manufacturer charging stations
  • Smart assistance for remote operations
  • Power optimization


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Can be deployed & ready to operate in few clicks! Connect any services providers you want! Start with a model and adapt to your needs.

Starting with few stations you can add hundreds easily!



park allocation 

Assisting parking spot allocation
When entering the parking lot, drivers:

  • Get information on their estimated waiting time
  • Get notified when a station is ready to use
  • Have the possibility to book a parking slot fitting their own time schedule
 charging process

Guiding the charging process

  • Station access via the mobile app (authorization and payment processes)
  • Drivers may select the charging load and get informed of its remaining duration
  • They also get notifications and can access online assistance in case of technical issue






Optimize your operations

EV efficient

Efficient management

Making sure that all stations are delivering a constant electric charge to each vehicle is a challenge for any operation manager. PcVue offers a perfect platform for the monitoring and control of each parameter in the stations, aiming to optimize power load balancing and trigger alerts anywhere at anytime if needed. The operator can keep permanent and reliable control over the station and its costs.

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Preserve your assets

EV fire

Fire prevention

The possibility of battery fires during charging is a risk for many specific markets, such as city bus lines. To prevent vehicle damage, PcVue can monitor the temperature of any battery in real-time and alert the right operator in case of overheating.

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Make charging easier for EV drivers

EV driver

Stress-free charging

Charging a vehicle can sometimes turn into a very unpleasant experience. Waiting for an available slot as well as lacking information and technical assistance are situations far too common for EV drivers. PcVue provides a fully customizable mobile app to help drivers throughout the charging process. It includes a “first in first out” slot allocation management system, an easy and secured booking and payment solution, and a virtual assistance in real-time.

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Connect easily - OCPP

The open standard protocol OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) ensures the interoperability of products from different vendors. PcVue features the protocol natively.

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 Open to any EV charging services


EV infographic
What is Advenir?
The Advenir program by Avere France is designed to support the installation of EV charging stations on the French territory.
With a 320-million-euro budget, Advenir’s goal is to offer subventions for the installation of 125,000 charging points before the end of 2025. Eligible projects are very diverse, from charging points in collective buildings to street charging open to the public. Advenir offers 10 different types of subventions.



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PcVue supports for OCPP 1.6 & 2.01 PcVue allows power optimization Deploy and use the platform in few clicks


 charging jena

Monitoring the charging stations of the e-bus fleet of the city of Jena

How Jena's public transport system monitors its charging columns for the e-bus fleet and uses advanced diagnostic features to increase availability and optimize maintenance activities.

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 EREC e car

Optimization and control of nationwide EV charging stations

PcVue supervises the charging stations of FIRALP e-vehicles fleet, a French company of public works and specialized sectors (Energy, Civil engineering, High voltage, etc.).