PcVue 16

PcVue 16

PcVue 16 platform presents a suite of new features and technologies designed to meet the changing needs of our world. With three main objectives in mind: to assist users in remote operations, to provide solutions for markets such as smart power systems and buildings, and to ensure a high level of cybersecurity.   remote sol brochure

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At a glance !


at a glance smartbot

Improve operational performances with digital assistance

A full digital assistance with smart bot for interactive procedure guidance, automated reporting and access to experts.

at a glance building

For even smarter buildings

Supports for BIM operations, features for video protection and access control as well as intrusion detection.

at a glance energy

Ready-to-use solutions for photovoltaic & electric charging stations

A complete solution for EV charging station management, including OCPP driver.
A full application set for SOLAR PV plant systems.

at a glance connect

Extended connectivity

A built-in OPC UA driver and many new ADO.net providers.

at a glance security

Reinforced cybersecurity

New features that make the platform more secure from design to use.


Digital assistant for operations

Front-line operators are faced with complex situations that require rapid efficiency. They must be assisted in their actions and need an intuitive and easy-to-use system that does not waste their time. 


MobilityInfrastructure web

bulletSmart guidance and notifications of any events

bulletIntuitive monitoring & control of nearby assets

bulletAllows support from team or control center experts

bulletGives paperless access to any resources and reports tasks instantly



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PcVue Digital assistance👇

 SEE video of USE CASES


Towards even smarter buildings

PcVue 16 improves operations of buildings to optimize energy consumption while ensuring comfort and security of occupants.



Make the most of BIM model for real-time monitoring

bulletBIM-based PcVue project design

bulletA full featured built-in BIM viewer with animations

bulletPcVue data available to BIM-based Facility Management sub-systems


Set of features for video protection, access control and intrusion detection

bulletEnsure people safety and assets security

bulletVerify that the system is properly running

bulletCheck activities of assets with live videos stream in PcVue using Onvif and RTSP

bulletBe notified in case of abnormal events and watch what’s happening to react quickly



EV charging management system

PcVue 16 delivers a wide range of services providing EV charging efficiency from global operations to vehicle drivers' experience.


secure navigation

ev icons ocpp 

PcVue supports for OCPP 1.6 & 2.01

 ev icons plug play

Can be deployed & ready to operate in few clicks!

 ev icons chatging

PcVue allows power optimization

 ev icons scalable

Starting with few stations you can add hundreds easily!


Visit our dedicated webpage or download our brochure to learn more on this solution


Solution for PV plant systems

Providing a full application set for Solar PV plant systems.


 solar Screen

Meet the needs of various stakeholders:


bulletMaintenance teams


bulletSystems integrators

Built-in dedicated application set:

bulletSpecific libraries – Object Templates - Graphics

bulletDemo project

bulletGeo-based mobile solution


Extended connectivity

Built-in OPC-UA client driver

logo opc ua 

PcVue 16 implements OPC UA client with all the features for security and high availability

bulletIntegrity, confidentiality and authentication

bulletRedundancy management


PcVue data hub: New ADO.net providers 

Additional providers to connect new services including

bulletOpen Weather Map - Weather data services

bulletDimo Maint - CMMS

bulletSql Data Acquisition driver

bulletMore providers available or on request


ADO providers