PcVue SCADA features


Key Features

  •  Recipe modelling
  • Dynamically adjust and apply recipe values at runtime



  • Control your process in few clicks
  • Use your own DBMS to store & retrieve recipe


The most common use of recipes is in a batch process where a production plant is being used to produce batches of different products. The instructions to the control device on how a product is to be made are sent to it as a list of values from PcVue. PcVue recipes can also be used in conjunction with the WebScheduler for simple time based control, such as that required in a building management system.
PcVue can flexibly perform operation even if recipes and procedures vary. In batch processes, new recipes are often added. The new recipes may be different from the old ones in data and procedural combination only. In this case, new recipes can be added to PcVue without affecting processes.